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Welcome to Redeemer Parish!  

Sunday School for kids and adults

returns in September



God is for you.

Not in some sentimental way. Not like when people give you a slap on the back and some platitudes, but in a real, tangible, and sacrificial way. God's love for us is seen in his grace for us, and that grace came to us upon a cross of wood on a hill far away a very long time ago. Grace is scary. It's risky. It tells us that we don't have to be good in order to earn God's favor. The truth is that when we put our faith in the work of Jesus for us, we are declared acceptable because of that work. There is nothing for you to earn. This truth, this risky, radical truth will set you free. It will transform you. God's grace leads us to a new space as new people.


It is in this space that we find the end of our rebellion, striving, heart-sick narcissism, and self-imposed prisons. It is in this space of grace that we find the freedom to be known by our God who made us and to become our very truest selves as we were meant to be as image bearers of our Creator. Your sin doesn't get the last word in your life.


God is for you, and so are we. Won't you join us on this grand exploration?

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